In February 2008, Champion Petfoods introduced Orijen dry pet food into the Australian market.

Orijen seemed an attractive product for many pet owners who chose to feed it to their pets as it was marketed as being low in carbohydrates, grain free, using fresh ingredients fit for human consumption and ‘biologically appropriate’.

In June of 2008, veterinarians in Sydney, Australia began seeing a strange incidence of cats with hind limb ataxia and paralysis. Many vets were at a loss as to what could be causing such devastating effects on these cats. In order to better understand why these cats had become so ill, a survey was conducted to try to find a common link between affected animals. In August 2008 that link was eventually found to be the consumption of the new Orijen pet food product.

As a consequence, Champion Petfoods announced a voluntary recall of all their Orijen brand products sold in Australia on the 20th November 2008.

We would like to dedicate this site to all cats affected by Orijen and to all animals worldwide that have become ill or who have had their lives cut so tragically short through negligence and greed of the pet food industry.